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Do you want to meet our new partners in the Club? or see new information about Hashimoto's, links, articles and books?

Note: No affiliation with any of this names, just a recomendation from my reading list.

Recommended books

  • Hashimoto's Protocol - Izabella Wentz, PharmD
  • How to Heal Hashimoto's - Marc Ryan
  • Heal Hashimoto's  Start with the gut.-  Sharon Lee Rasa
  • The Hashimoto's 4 week plan - Karen Frazier
  • The Mind-Gut connection - Emeran Mayer, MD


Recommended cook books

  •  The autoimmune paleo cookbook - Mickey Trescott
  • The autoimmune protocol made simple - Sophie Van Tiggelen

Recommended links

  • www.harmonycenterllc.com

Partners in the Club

  • Harmony Center, West Chester

         1515 West Chester Pike, Suit B-1 West Chester, PA 19380

          Phone (484)8892880

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