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Heal your body naturally and enjoy your life

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Do you struggle with…

Hashimoto disease, hormone imbalance, low energy, fatigue, joint pain or any other symptom that you don't have an answer for? Can be an autoimmune disease?

It doesn't have to be that way.

​It’s time to feel better, from the nature to your body

8 weeks Self-Paced Program

Recovering Your Health Naturally



The program made me realize that I delaying my goals, such as the kind of food that did not allow me to stay healthy. In addition, the program allowed me to get excited about every little step and focusing on the positive.
A big hug and thanks.


This is the beginning and I believe it is the step towards a great new lifestyle, goals and achievements to be fulfilled.

Andrea Radic

How not to be a Angelica's "fan", after having worked in her program, everything has been satisfied and my life has changed in different areas, she has given me clarity and everything has changed in my life and health!

Adriana Gutierrez

I can not thank Angelica enough for the opportunity. I highly recommend working with Angelica's program to anyone who wants to take their life to the healthier one!

Laura-Ann Wright

I am infinitely grateful for this opportunity, I thank Angelica for her time, love and effort doing this self pace program! She has been a beautiful gift !!

Marcela Alt

Im greatful for the amazing experience with Angelica's program and Health Club Hashimoto, 8-week experience of the program to improve my hypothyroidism. It's been an open eyes for a new healthy life style.

Claudia Reinberg



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